Technology & Automation

Leading logistic service in india

logisticaindia has brought in World’s best Technology and Automation; Customised and implemented for several clients helped them increase Fill Rates; reduce Inventory Levels by increasing Visibility, Precision & Accuracy thus bringing in Cost and Time Efficiencies to Supply Chain.

These Multiple Best- in- Class Technology and Automation work in sync in logisticaindia Distribution Centres. logisticaindia Adherence and Quality implementation of Warehouse Management System (WMS) has enabled cross-docking, reduced staffing, equipment needs, space requirements, and inventory carrying costs. It has improved Order Fulfillment, Accuracy Levels and ensured optimum inventory by complete Visibility of Inventory. Practices like Warehouse Control System had substantially improved Order Processing Capacity, Speed, and Accuracy in delivery. Automation through Print & Apply and Weigh Check Systems ensure 100% Inward and Despatch Accuracy. Vehicle and consignment tracking system.

  • Customised and implemented for clients which helped them to drive the WH and Transportation KPI’s thus reducing cost and increase productivity to their operations.